About Us

Perfect English Language Center has been turning out fluent speakers of English As A Second Language, Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish to the residents of central and coastal New Jersey since 1998. We offer short-term and long-term courses of instruction for students of all three languages, for beginners through perfectionists, at individual and group rates, according to the needs and wishes of a given student. Over the years, Perfect English has built a reputation in Central New Jersey as having developed a superior methodology of imparting both the grammar and pronunciation aspects of language acquisition to our students.
Head Instructor Anthony Botti, (“Professor Anthony”, as he is colloquially known among his Brazilian students of English), has been teaching Brazilian-Portuguese to Americans and American-English to Brazilians since 1998 at the PERFECT ENGLISH Language Center in the heart of colorful and historic Long Branch, New Jersey. Employing a multilateral, six-level learning system involving continuous verbal interaction with the teacher (a textbook & workbook on each level), you will see yourself progress from tangibly grasping the most rudimentary aspects of your chosen language-of-study through the mastery of more finite grammatical concepts and nuances of the language you are exploring.

Whether you are a student of ESL, Brazilian-Portuguese or colloquial Spanish, you will be continuously absorbing new grammatical concepts along with their pronunciation components – all of which will be faithfully recorded in a form that you can take home and practice through focused written & oral exercises until the next lesson. Which of the 6 book levels will be the most appropriate entry point for your journey across your chosen language depends on how you fare on a diagnostic (grammar / usage) evaluation which we’ll do at the outset (free, of course). As mentioned above, each of the six course levels involves the completion of a textbook and a workbook, with grammatical, conversational, reading, writing and audio (listening) components. Individual classes are available, and for those on a budget there are also classes for small groups (that means, at a group rate – please click on Program/Tuition Fees on the Main Page for more information on classes and fees).

Whether you are an American who routinely does business with speakers of either Spanish or Brazilian-Portuguese, or you are a non-native speaker of English looking to improve your ability to communicate for work and social opportunities here in America, here’s your chance to have an organized, challenging and fun orientation on a new language/culture from a veteran language teacher who will meet with you on your level and help you to build on whatever you’ve already acquired in the target language.

Please contact us at perfect_englishESL@outlook.com or by phone at (U.S.) 1-732-693-9044 for more information. For those in the New York/New Jersey area who would like to set up a visit to Perfect English, contact us and let us know when you’d like to come. We’ll set you up with a free diagnostic test, discuss your personal availability and decide what is the best program /course for you to embark on. Come and have a look at what we do to make language acquisition easy for you and for all our students!


Anthony is an excellent teacher. Also very passionate about our planet. Everything I’ve learnt I own him 95% other 5% to Netflix lol. Being in the classroom was very nice, he had such a nice vibe. Best English teacher that I’ve ever had.

Maggy Nascimento

It’s a great teacher (amazing, the best), and a great person. I’m very happy with this school, excellent method and very good individual attention. 100% recommended.

Marcio Ferreira

Since I migrate to USA in 1996 my main focus was learn English for lots of reason I couldn't find or attend ESL since, so I heard about perfect english school, I decide to take a look and I felt was perfect to fit my crazy schedule, as a student and friend i always recommend to family and friends, Perfect English School, Can't find better than that!!!!

Ivanilton Denovaes

The professor is just the most honest humble polite and respectful professional you can find in long branch... i recommended...

Hugo Caceres