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Hello and welcome to Perfect English ESL! Perfect English is a center of language learning located in historic Long Branch, New Jersey in the United States. We have been building bridges of language and culture in the Central New Jersey area since 1998, and have developed a reputation in the region as a first class center of instruction primarily focusing on teaching various levels of English grammar/pronunciation to Portuguese-speaking visitors from Brazil, as well as to Spanish-speaking visitors from all over Latin America.

Americans desiring to either develop anything from a rudimentary to a profound mastery of either Brazilian-Portuguese or colloquial Spanish grammar/pronunciation will also be happily surprised by what they discover taking classes here at Perfect English. All our instructors are qualified native speakers of the languages they teach, and are equipped with the background to weave cultural aspects of your chosen language-of-study into the lesson and make them come to life! Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about Perfect English, and contact us using the information provided to submit any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting Perfect English! Contact us at 732-693-9044

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Course Features

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes employing a multilateral, dynamic learning system which allows students to recognize and measure their own developmental progress in the target language. Through six levels of experiential and practical learning from beginning stages all the way through fluency and fluid use of advanced concepts, our time-tested, proven methodology, you will be excited to see your own growth! Our highly-qualified, caring and experienced language instructors will accompany you along the path to quickly meeting and exceeding your goals on your language-learning adventure.

  • Dynamic, engaging lessons focused the development of practical conversational skills, solidly based on clearly-explained grammatical concepts.
  • A multi-layered approach to learning, encompassing well-rounded development in all vital areas of language acquisition.
  • Practical exercises designed to foster measurable improvement in all developmental areas: applied grammatical concepts, day-to-day conversational skills, reading comprehension, listening skills and writing ability.
  • Highly skilled multilingual teachers with vast experience in interpreting difficult & abstract concepts into your native language, making them more digestible, fun and – ultimately – useful to you as a student.
  • Flexible options and scheduling, including not only conventional timeframes but classes in the late evenings and on weekends, according to your personal availability and scheduling needs.
  • Over two decades of experience; Highly-acclaimed as the best language-learning option in the Central Jersey/Jersey shore area, highly rated with 5-star reviews across Google and social media platforms.

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Anthony is an excellent teacher. Also very passionate about our planet. Everything I’ve learnt I own him 95% other 5% to Netflix lol. Being in the classroom was very nice, he had such a nice vibe. Best English teacher that I’ve ever had.

Maggy Nascimento

It’s a great teacher (amazing, the best), and a great person. I’m very happy with this school, excellent method and very good individual attention. 100% recommended.

Marcio Ferreira

Since I migrate to USA in 1996 my main focus was learn English for lots of reason I couldn't find or attend ESL since, so I heard about perfect english school, I decide to take a look and I felt was perfect to fit my crazy schedule, as a student and friend i always recommend to family and friends, Perfect English School, Can't find better than that!!!!

Ivanilton Denovaes

The professor is just the most honest humble polite and respectful professional you can find in long branch... i recommended...

Hugo Caceres