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Anthony is an excellent teacher. Also very passionate about our planet. Everything I’ve learnt I own him 95% other 5% to Netflix lol. Being in the classroom was very nice, he had such a nice vibe. Best English teacher that I’ve ever had.

Maggy Nascimento

It’s a great teacher (amazing, the best), and a great person. I’m very happy with this school, excellent method and very good individual attention. 100% recommended.

Marcio Ferreira

Since I migrate to USA in 1996 my main focus was learn English for lots of reason I couldn't find or attend ESL since, so I heard about perfect english school, I decide to take a look and I felt was perfect to fit my crazy schedule, as a student and friend i always recommend to family and friends, Perfect English School, Can't find better than that!!!!

Ivanilton Denovaes

The professor is just the most honest humble polite and respectful professional you can find in long branch... i recommended...

Hugo Caceres